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Established since 1999, TheComputerSchool’s Technology Training Directory provides more than 20,000 fully curated, lessons/tutorials covering an extensive range of technology-related topics. And, as you are about to see, everything is displayed on one single page with no scrolling and zero-click navigation throughout the entire platform.

Our IT training resource offers a vast and diverse selection of content, including hundreds of the latest AI tools and apps, online safety and security for kids, tech for beginners, design + multimedia, digital photography, coding + programming, as well as hundreds of free IT Certified Courses form top universities and learning institutions from around the world, and so much more.

INSTRUCTIONS: Well, very simply, there are no instructions needed to use this platform. It's so easy to navigate that you won't require any assistance. You can move around the platform by exploring different headings and their sub-headings without having to make a single click. Once you find your desired resources, you can open them with just one click. When you are finished on that page, you can close the tab and return to our directory effortlessly.

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